Ratification Vote Details

2 August 2019 • CMCFA Bargaining Committee

The CMCFA membership will hold a vote to ratify the new collective agreement. The details are contained below.

As announced, the CMCFA and TBS reached a tentative agreement regarding the UT group. Members may consult the announcement of 17 July 2019 for a summary of key points, but they are encouraged to read the tentative agreement in its entirety here. A key component of the tentative agreement is the employer’s commitment to respect some of the memorandums of understanding and letters of understanding that currently form part of the conditions of employment for the UT group, as well as to study teaching-load distribution, as reflected in this letter of understanding signed by Dr. Kowal, which members are also encouraged to read.

The ratification vote will take place as follows:

  • RMCSJ will hold its ratification vote meeting on Tuesday, 13 August 2019 at 12:30 pm, in a room to be determined; Dr. Charles-Philippe Courtois will communicate details to members from CMRSJ directly.
  • RMC will hold its ratification vote meeting on Wednesday, 14 August 2019, at 10:00 am. The locations is confirmed as the Islandview Ballroom on the sixth floor of the Holiday Inn Waterfront hotel at 2 Princess St.
  • The Bargaining Committee is unfortunately unable to attend CFC to hold a ratification vote meeting; members from CFC are welcome to join the ratification vote meetings at RMCSJ or at RMC, and they can also avail themselves of the opportunity to vote remotely.
  • On-line voting will be offered to every CMCFA member; you can expect an email with details to the personal email address you have registered with the CMCFA in the next few days. On-line voting will be open until 10:00 pm on Monday, 12 August 2019 to allow us to prepare voting lists before the ratification vote meetings. Members who vote on-line are welcome to attend a ratification vote meetings to participate in the discussion on the tentative agreement, but they will not receive a ballot.
  • Members who cannot attend a ratification vote meeting and who are unable to vote on-line should contact Dr. Sylvain Leblanc, acting as Returning Officer for the Ratification Vote, to discuss other options.

Should they have questions, CMCFA members can reach out to the members of the CMCFA Bargaining Committee, namely Dr. Jean-Marc Noël (Chief Negotiator, Dr. Sylvain Leblanc (RMC & Returning Officer, Dr. Helen Luu (RMC, Dr. Barbara Falk (Legal Officer, CFC, and Dr. Charles-Philippe Courtois (CMR