Faculty Dependents’ Scholarship Plan

The Call for Applications to the 2023 Faculty Dependents’ Scholarship has been issued; the deadline to apply is 20 March 2023 extended to 20 March 2023. The nomination form is available here.

The CMCFA wishes to thank the members of the Scholarship Selection Committee. The members of the 2023 Scholarship Selection Committee will be listed here.


The Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association supports post-secondary education and is committed to life-long learning. One way the Association demonstrates this is through a scholarship plan. This plan is open to dependent members of Association members.

Every academic year, up to two (2) deserving students attending any accredited post-secondary institution will each be granted a scholarship of $2,000.00. Whenever possible, the association might offer a third scholarship; the offer of a third scholarship is contingent to the availability of funds within the designated fiscal year.


  • The applicants must be a dependent of a Faculty Association members in good standing. “Dependent” means someone reliant on an FA member for financial support directly required for livelihood (accommodations, food, clothes, logistics like getting around, dental, pharma & medical).

  • Currently be accepted and registered as a full-time student at an accredited post-secondary institution.

  • Have obtained a minimum overall average in their most recently completed full year of study of 75%.

    • Provide official transcripts for high school and any post-secondary education. Photocopies or internet printouts are not acceptable.
  • The first scholarship is limited to youth under 25. Academics and participation in extra-curricular activities at school are the priority criteria for the first scholarship and service to the community is a distinguishing factor. A two-page essay describing this involvement is to be included with the application.

  • The second and any subsequent scholarships is offered to a graduate student of any age group. Service is a primary criterion for the second or subsequent scholarships

    • Provide two letters of support or confirmation from the community group(s), coach(es) or individuals who have been the focus of the student’s involvement.
  • This scholarship is tenable with all other scholarships and bursaries.

  • The recipients may receive only one award in a lifetime.

  • The awards will be paid to the recipients upon verification of enrolment and payment of tuition.

  • A cheque for the amount of the scholarship will be issued to the student and mailed to the address provided on the application form.

    • Scholarship recipients are issued T4A’s in February for the previous taxation year.
    • Awards will be announced at the CMCFA Executive Meeting. The winners will be notified immediately, and their names will then be posted on the CMCFA website. Official notification will be sent to all applicants.

Previous winners

Year Recipient Member
2021 Abdelrahman Noureldin Child of Aboelmagd Noureldin
2020 Pauline Jolicoeur Child of Pierre Jolicoeur
2020 Kate Leblanc Child of Sylvain Leblanc
2020 Anna Leuprecht Child of Christian Leuprecht
2019 Sarah Madsen Child of Chris Madsen
2019 Ariane Mayrand Child of Adelheid Nicol
2018 Amir Jnifene Child of Amor Jnifene
2017 Nuri Amari Child of Smain Amari
2017 Matthias Leuprecht Child of Christian Leuprecht
2016 Paola Finizio Child of Grazia Scoppio
2016 Oussama Hefnawi Child of Mostafa Hefnawi
2015 Lindsay Coombs Child of Howard Coombs
2015 Scott Varey Child of David Varey
2014 Alannah Bloch Child of Barbara Falk
2014 Shona Phillips Child of Greg Phillips
2013 Keegan Heffernan Child of Patrick Heffernan
2013 Badr Hefnawi Child of Mostafa Hefnawi