Executive and Governance


The Association is governed in accordance with its Constitution and By-Laws.


President: Helen Luu

Vice-President: Sylvain Leblanc

Past-President: vacant

Secretary: Howard Coombs

Treasurer: Mohamed Douch

Legal Officer: vacant

Equity Officer: Sarah Hill

Grievance Committee: Sylvain Leblanc (Chair), Helen Luu, Laurence Piché (on leave)

Bargaining Committee: Charles-Philippe Courtois, Sylvain Leblanc

Members-at-Large: Juan Beltran, Ali Dizboni, Émilie Gibeau, Pierre Jolicoeur, Afifa Khazri, Chris Madsen, Kodjo Moglo, Huw Osborne

Executive Assistant: Lynne Hooper

Executive Directory

Juan Beltran (RMC Chemistry & Chemical Engineering),

Howard Coombs (RMC History),

Charles-Philippe Courtois (CMRSJ Humanities and Social Sciences),

Ali Dizboni (Political Science and Economics),

Mohamed Douch (RMC Management),

Émilie Gibeau (RMC Management).

Sarah Hill (RMC Military Psychology and Leadership),

Lynne Hooper (CMCFA Executive Assistant),

Pierre Jolicoeur (RMC Political Science and Economics),

Afifa Khazri (RMC Political Science and Economics),

Sylvain Leblanc (RMC Electrical and Computer Engineering),

Helen Luu (RMC English, Culture, and Communication),

Chris Madsen (RMC/CFC Defence Studies),

Kodjo Moglo (RMC Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering),

Huw Osborne (RMC English, Culture, and Communications),

Laurence Piché (CMRSJ Science), (on leave)