Executive and Governance


The Association is governed in accordance with its Constitution and By-Laws.


President and Bargaining Committee Chair: Jean-Marc Noël (Physics and Space Science),

Vice-President and Grievance Officer: Sylvain Leblanc (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Past-President: vacant

Secretary: Howard Coombs (History) ,

Treasurer: Tom Dececchi (Business Administration),

Grievance officer and Equity officer: Helen Luu (English, Culture, and Communications,

Grievance officer — CMR St Jean: Charles-Philippe Courtois (Humanities and Social Sciences),

Legal officer - CFC Toronto: Barbara Falk (Defence Studies),

Member at Large: Sarah Hill (Military Psychology and Leadership),

Member at Large — CFC Toronto: Chris Madsen (Defence Studies),

Member at Large: Sean Maloney (History),

Member at Large — CMR St Jean: Laurence Piché (Science),

Member at Large: Ali Dizboni (Political Science and Economics),

Member at Large: Pierre Jolicoeur (Political Science and Economics),

Member at Large: Afifa Khazri (Political Science and Economics),

Member at Large: Kodjo Moglo (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering),

CMCFA’s Executive Assistant is Louise Ford,